Blueye Pioneer: an underwater drone from Blueye Robotics.

Blueye Pioneer is an underwater drone from the Norwegian startup Blueye Robotics. Allows you to conduct high-quality underwater surveys at a depth of 152 meters.

Blueye Robotics co-founder Christine Spiten said: "Comparing the Blueye Pioneer to a UAV, this is the level of the DJI Phantom 4."


The link between Blueye Pioneer and the gadget is a Wi-Fi buoy or WIRELESS SURFACE UNIT (WSU), which in turn is connected via a cable to an underwater drone. The distance from the buoy is up to 30 meters. The immersion depth with the cable included in the package is 75 meters.


Control is carried out using a smartphone / tablet (IOS / Android) through the application "BLUEYE", as well as in a combination of VR glasses a wireless gadget Blueye controller (included).


  • IMU sensor
  • Depth sensor
  • Magnetometer (compass)
  • Indoor / outdoor temperature sensor.


Blueye Pioneer is equipped with a special modified Full HD camera adapted for high quality underwater shooting with a wide angle of view. Shoots in 1080p quality at 30fps.


Blueye Pioneer's underwater lighting is controlled by a powerful LED system that works in close connection with the camera. The brightness of the lighting depends on the depth of the dive. This approach provided high-quality photo and video material at the output.


The underwater drone is equipped with three 350W thrusters each, two rear and one central for vertical movement of the underwater drone.

The average operating time of the Pioneer Drone is about 2 hours.


The stock will include:

  • Blueye Pioneer underwater drone
  • Wi-Fi buoy (WSU)
  • 75m cable
  • Blueye Wireless Controller
  • Blueye Smart Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • MovieMask VR glasses
  • Blueye mobile app


Blueye Pioneer is available for pre-order on the developer's official website at a price of $ 6,000.


Another underwater drone in exemplary performance and at an affordable price. Blueye Pioneer will be fully appreciated by people who are fond of scuba diving, as well as an underwater drone will serve well in the field of environmental monitoring, fish farming, aquaculture in general. WWF Norway is already among the major customers, which once again proves that this startup is worth paying attention to if you are looking for similar products. The developer has promised that it will soon offer a more powerful underwater drone for ocean exploration.


Presentation of the underwater drone Blueye Pioneer.

Developer's video filmed with a Blueye Pioneer underwater drone.